About Your Hosts

After acquiring the existing motel in January, 2018, we renamed it Warrensburg Inn & Suites and proceeded to make extensive renovations through September, 2018. Our home and motel sit on 4.5 hillside acres at the base of beautiful Hackensack Mountain located in the historically significant town of Warrensburg, New York. Our experience includes renovating several single family homes over a number of years, so we were generally prepared for the challenges associated with renovation work and property development. On the other hand, our experience did not include the challenges associated with lodging and hospitality; that required a bit of a learning curve. 

Above all, our goal remains resolute - to deliver high quality accomodations and hospitality services that exceed your expectations and to assist you during your stay in Warrensburg in any way that we can. And, we will apply continuous improvement to that end.   

Our story is not unique. As baby boomers, we went to college, worked our respective corporate careers as loyal, hard working employees helping to fullfill someone else's American dream. Until one day, through the wisdom gained from our years of life and business experience and a lot of soul-searching, we discovered we were less interested in making more money and more interested in making a difference. We figured - if we could handle the years of life and business situations that tested our ability to remain patient, work long hours, multitask, learn new skills, survive awful traffic, deal with difficult (_*_)'s and still keep intact our sense of humor, our dignity, our health and happiness, keep a few bucks in our pocket, and manage to maintain a modicum of sanity - then we should have a reasonably good foundation for a successful business.

Simply spending a few hours on the internet researching the what, where, how and why was no panacea for the difficult process of deciding what to do with the rest of our lives. For months, in addition to our individual considerations, we compromised often on many factors such as affordability, culture, climate, healthcare, transportation, safety, taxes, and of course, the big one - proximity to family. There's the anxiety and guilt about leaving behind the hard-earned life you built for a lot of unknowns coupled with the fear you'll crash and burn with no safety net in place to save you. But more importantly, there's the inspirational, heartwarming and soulfelt excitement about knowing you're doing the right thing - moving forward with your life and growing spiritually with your soulmate.

And so here we are - living contently on our piece of the Adirondacks - where we will stay, owning, operating and developing a motel that gives us the chance to meet and work with wonderful people. Listening to so many interesting and inspiring stories - from ADK lifers, first time visitors, and vacationers returning since childhood alike. Their stories revealing what they like, what they love and what brings them back again and again to experience the essence of the Adirondacks. Not surprisingly, these amazing people impact our thoughts, our plans and even our vision for the motel. As a family, we live, we work, we pray and we treat others by our core values - honesty, integrity, passion, perseverance, relationships, caring and accountability - and we are committed to the continuous improvement of whatever it is we endeavor to do. And so we hope our motel, our hospitality, and everything our vision allows this property to become has a positive impact on your travel experience when you visit the Adirondacks - again and again!

Your Hosts,
Steven and Sharon

Our 2023 Summer and Fall Season